Savage Land
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発売日 : 2015年 4月 20日
ジャンル : Death Metal
レーベル : Relapse Records

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GRUESOME's debut 'Savage Land' is an intentional homage to the first wave death metal scene of Tampa, Florida, specifically Death's early period. GRUESOME is much more than a tribute band though. Led by Matt Harvey (of Exhumed, Matt was the vocalist and guitarist on the original Death To All tour) and rounded out by a band comprised of members of Possessed, Malevolent Creation and Derketa, GRUESOME sound like they were plucked right out of 1988. This is an absolutely top notch filthy slab of old school death metal, played by the some of the scene's most legit players.

Matt Harvey : Guitars, Vocals
Daniel Gonzalez : Guitars
Robin Mazen : Bass
Gus Rios : Drums
James Murphy : Guitar Solo on "Closed Casket"

プレイリスト :
1. Savage Land
2. Trapped In Hell
3. Demonized
4. Hideous
5. Gangrene
6. Closed Casket
7. Psychic Twin
8. Gruesome
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